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I have put a lot of my own time and resources into building a social platform to make it easy for anyone to get started as a local LitterHero because I believe we can all make a massive positive impact. But now I need your help !
Written by Martin Thompson
Founder & Full time LitterHero
LitterHero is all about helping engage local heroes who want to clean up the streets and neighbourhoods, but don’t know where to start. I realised that there are millions of people who want to stop litter and plastic pollution at its source – on their street, in their neighbourhoods and in their city – before it reaches the sea, and gets sent right back to us.

Putting the LitterHero platform together has taken a lot of time and resources in terms of webdesign, social media and real world event organisation and networking. While I have had a lot of help from a lot of great people, LitterHero is still in it’s early stages and a lot of the people who helped me get this project started have moved on to new projects.

So I’m reaching out to you to ask for your help to take LitterHero to the next stage! As a micro organisation we rely on passionate volunteers to manage or complete small tasks and little projects that help us grow our outreach and build a network of local Litter prevention and clean up action groups, all over the world.

Currently we need volunteers for the following task and mini projects:
Promoter of Local Groups – Help create local LitterHero Groups, either from scratch, or from existing groups that would like to connect with the growing LitterHero network. This includes taking photos & videos of local events and actions, and sharing them on social media, to encourage others to join us!​Events Coordinator – I’m no good at organizing things, there is no point in even pretending. But we do have plenty of experience in what it takes to create a memorable event, I just need someone who is happy to put a date to things and help schedule people & places.Blog Writer – If you are looking for a place to publish your waste prevention & elimination knowledge, I would love to add you as a blog author. We need fresh and relevant articles that inspire people to take direct action to end waste.Researcher – One of our main objectives is to promote education to prevent waste and litter creation in the first place. We are always looking for simple and useful information that people will actually use, regarding zero waste living, circular economy projects and plastic waste reduction. If you like finding things online, please help us out!Facebook Editor – If you are a Social Media King or Queen, I could really use your help to share, re-post and help promote the work and information being shared on our other LitterHero Local groups, onto our main Facebook pages.Email assistant – As a father of 2 small children and active partner in 2 businesses, I’m having trouble answering Litterhero emails in time. I can create an email and with the help of some scripted guidelines and FAQs texts, volunteers help reply and redirect some of the emails we receive.
If you are passionate about helping clean up the planet, have a few minutes a week to spare and can work from home or directly from a mobile device, I would love to hear from you! 

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