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A 2023 Salty Splash

Looking Back and Riding the Wave into 2024!

Wow, team Salty Soul! As the sun sets on 2023, we can’t help but feel the warm glow of pride – and a good dose of sand between our toes – as we reflect on another incredible year. We made some serious waves together, and we’re ready to share the good vibes!

Remember those sun-kissed mornings spent combing our beloved beaches? You, incredible volunteers, showed up in droves – a whopping 890 strong! Together, we cleared over 3700 pounds of trash, keeping our coastal havens healthy and happy. Every plastic cup, tangled fishing line, and forgotten flip-flop removed is a victory for the delicate ecosystems that call our shores home.

And did we mention Hunu? Our first children’s book, “Hunu’s Journey,” splashed onto the scene this year, teaching little ocean stewards about protecting the creatures and wonders of the deep blue. The smiles on those young faces? Pure ocean magic!

But this is just the beginning, folks. As we paddle out into 2024, our Salty Soul is brimming with possibilities! We’re dreaming of:

  • Expanding our impact: More cleanups, more volunteers, more beaches sparkling clean!
  • Deepening our education: Engaging even more kids with fun, impactful programs that ignite their love for the ocean.
  • Collaborating with ocean heroes: Joining forces with other passionate organizations to create a tidal wave of change.

And we need you, Salty Soul crew, to ride this wave with us! Here’s how you can dive in:

  • Join a cleanup: Be the change you want to see on our sandy shores. Sign up for our next event and get your hands (and toes) dirty for a good cause.
  • Spread the word: Tell your friends, family, and fellow ocean lovers about Salty Soul. Sharing our mission is like tossing a lifebuoy to our precious planet.
  • Donate your support: Every dollar helps us fuel our ocean-saving engine. Give generously and know that your contribution is making a real difference.

So let’s raise a toast (with biodegradable cups, of course!) to 2023’s accomplishments. Together, we’re proving that a few salty souls can make a massive splash. Onward to 2024, where the waves of change are about to get even bigger!

Ready to dive in? Visit our website, follow us on social media, and let’s keep making waves for our oceans. Every action counts!

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