Salty Soul Foundation

“The mission of Salty Soul Foundation is to preserve the natural beauty and integrity of our beaches and oceans through education, community engagement, and proactive measures to eliminate litter and protect marine life for future generations to enjoy.”

Since 2017, Salty Soul Foundation has removed over 27,000 pounds of trash from beaches in Florida and California. This has been with the assistance of over 6,000 volunteers and almost 15,000 volunteer hours.

We are expanding our reach deeper into the heart of a America. Salty Soul Foundation is expanding into the Mississippi Delta, in conjunction with Delta State University and other similar organizations. Together we will begin holding cleanups along the waterways of the Mississippi Delta, from Memphis, TN to Vicksburg, MS, and everywhere in between. We will be cleaning deep into the Mississippi River tributaries , including the swamps, bayous, and the banks of the Yazoo, Yalobusha, and Tallahatchie rivers.






Miles of Waterways

An estimated 100 million marine mammals and turtles are killed by plastic litter every year around the world. With seven billion tons of debris entering the world’s oceans annually, most of it long-lasting plastic, there’s a lot of potential for harm to our birds and marine mammals. Turtles, fish, birds, dolphins, seals and other marine mammals have all fallen victim to plastic.

Ever take a stroll along any beach after a storm? You should, it will give you an idea of just how much litter is floating around in the world’s oceans: the sand is strewn with plastic bottles, fish boxes, light bulbs, flip-flops, scraps of fishing net and timber. Propelled by the wind and ocean currents, the litter – which is highly persistent in the environment – travels very long distances and has become widely dispersed throughout the oceans. It can now even be found on remote beaches and uninhabited islands.