Healthy Beaches, Healthy Oceans: Join Salty Soul Foundation
Protecting what we love for generations to come.

Salty Soul Foundation is on a mission to keep our beaches and oceans pristine. We educate communities, inspire action, and organize cleanups to eliminate litter and safeguard marine life.

Making a Difference, Together

Since 2017, thanks to over 6,000 incredible volunteers contributing nearly 20,000 hours, we’ve removed over 30,000 pounds of trash from beaches in Florida and California. Now, we’re expanding our reach!

Salty Soul Foundation Goes Delta

Partnering with Delta State University and other organizations, we’re bringing our mission to the heart of America. We’ll be tackling waterways across the Mississippi Delta, from Memphis to Vicksburg and beyond. This includes cleaning up the Mississippi River’s tributaries, swamps, bayous, and the banks of the Yazoo, Yalobusha, and Tallahatchie rivers.






Miles of Waterways

The Plastic Problem is Real

Every year, millions of marine mammals and turtles fall victim to plastic pollution. With billions of tons of plastic debris entering our oceans annually, the threat to marine life is significant. From birds and fish to dolphins, seals, and more, countless creatures become entangled or poisoned by plastic waste.

The Power of Action

Imagine a beach after a storm – littered with bottles, nets, and plastic debris. This heartbreaking reality is all too common. Salty Soul Foundation is committed to changing this.

Join the Movement

Help us preserve the beauty and health of our oceans. Visit our website to learn more about volunteering, donating, and getting involved in upcoming cleanups. Together, we can make a wave of difference.